• Metta The Art of Healing

    '' He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is craftsman. But he who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist. ''

    Francis of Assisi


    Healing is nothing less than spectacular! Healing in itself is a true form of Art.

    Imagine if you will, starting your life off with a blank canvas. You are presented with a options, things you can use as art tools and supplies. You are than given the freedom to express yourself! The Power to Create whatever you like! Literally whatever you can dream up! Whatever you'd like!

    Eventually you start to see patterns develop. You can choose to change, modify or repeat them. Shapes and colors mean different things to you, triggering an endless landscape of emotion. And who decides each day what you shall create, you! There's one catch though, you must use everything that is given to you. You must figure out how to utilize all that you have be given to create beautiful works of Art! To find your gift's and share them with the with the people you love! If this sounds like you, its time to start! Reiki is one of the first steps in healing by removing energetic blocks that prevent you from realizing your true potential. When you Choose to start your healing Journey you commit to turning our story into a something beautiful, wonderful and beneficial for yourself and the world around you. Letts begin!



    Reiki Healing

    It's important to understand that we exist in an energetic plane as well as the physical one. Reiki is the universal life force energy, known as Chi, Ke or Prana. When we receive a massage it addresses the physical issues that are causing us discomfort, pain or even restricting us. All of those things can happen energetically as well and we can and will feel the effects of it in your daily life. Such as not being happy but for no identifiable reasons, lack of motivation, unexplained stomach or digestive issues, chronic headaches. These scenarios can manifest after life changing or traumatic events. Not being able to get over something or move on or just being unable to relax or sleep at night due to stress at work. Reiki is helpful for so many issues and works on an energetic level to bring our body back to it's natural state, in order for it repair and begin healing itself. Not to mention it's truly relaxing and transformative.

    What to expect?

    Reiki is typically performed hands off, most sessions include little or no touching. People report feeling a warm sensation accompanied by a sense of calmness and deep relaxation. Reiki is a unique experience that varies for each individual.

    Who is it for?

    Reiki is beneficial to people from all walks of life and systems of belief, anyone with physical and/or emotional trauma to personal/existential crisis. Reiki can help those experiencing loss, heartache, change or with overcoming obstacles or energetic and emotional blocks.

  • Testimonials

    Watch this video on healing yourself https://youtu.be/LWQfe__fNbs

    Danae W.

    I had an amazing Reiki session with Monnique, her energy, warmth and calmness allowed me to have the best experience ever. The clarity i got from that session allowed me to being to understand that this life is bigger then me. That session put something in motion in me to continue to grow spiritually. I can not wait until my next session. Thank you Mo, my spiritual mentor.♥️

    Davonne R.

    My Reiki Training sessions with Mo were phenomenal and I use that word purposefully in its
    modern meaning and antiquated meaning. It was a phenomenon to me, a person with zero
    experience, and limited knowledge of energy work, outside of wishing someone “good vibes,” to
    experience and witness an actual Reiki session and an attunement. Knowing I had zero
    experience she first gave me Reiki, so that I could feel what it was like. The atmosphere created
    in the space was relaxing and welcoming. I felt safe physically, emotionally, and energetically to
    be vulnerable in that space and allow whatever was going to happen to happen.
    After receiving my first Reiki experience, she taught be the origins of the practice and explained
    the nuances of how it spread from Eastern cultures to Western cultures. She recommended
    literature for me to read and gave me handouts and information she’d received from her Reiki
    Masters. During my Reiki II attunement she planned out activities for me to practice my symbols
    and psychic work. This was extremely helpful. She also shared with me the techniques she
    used to remember and use these symbols in practice. Her lessons were very thorough.

  • Offerings

    Reiki Healing Session

    90 min $150

    A session with our Reiki Master Teacher includes a few minutes of introduction to explain Reiki and address the clients goals for the session. At the end of the session there will be an opportunity to discuss what was felt, by both the client and practitioner. This gives an opportunity for the client to have clarity and insight about healing their energy field.



    Reiki Massage Session

    90 minutes $170

    Reiki Massage is a full therapeutic massage, with Reiki added at either the beginning or the end. This is especially helpful to those who have a hard time relaxing or quieting the mind. Anyone with chronic pain, or autoimmune diseases will benefit from Reiki/Therapeutic massage as it is a gentle but effect form of bodywork that soothes the nervous system and helps brings the Energetic fields of the body to a relaxed meditative state so it can heal.

    Chakra Balancing

    90 minutes $150

    The Chakra system has be documented through out eastern medicine as being directly associated with emotional, physical and mental health. Charkas are energy vortex's or spinning wheels of energy located within us as we are all energetic beings manifested in a physical realm. According to many eastern teachings Chakras are linked to specific set of emotions as well as physical body parts. Chakras can become blocked or closed do to trauma and stress. Effecting our emotional state and if left unbalanced can cause other issues to manifest. Having your Charkras balanced for the first time can be a life changing experience and is truly beneficial for all persons.

    Feather Medicine

    60 min $100

    Shamanic practice using feathers that have been gifted by the spirit world to the Shaman. These feathers are used to channel healing energy into the client in order to cleanse and mend the Aura field. Feather Medicine is truly an unique healing experience. As it works through healing layers or wounds past and Present.


    30 min $55, 60 min $100,

    90 min $145

    Receive guidance, insight and answers to your questions. Feel support and comfort from your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angel Guides and Loved ones. All readings are confidential and can be done 1on1 in a private setting, via facetime or in a small group. Ask about hosting a Group Reading.

    KCR-Kinetic Chain Release

    CTR-Connective Tissue Release

    PE-Postural Energetics

    30 min $65, 60 min $110

    Developed by Hugh Gilbert, a Physiotherapist from Scotland, KCR is a series of stretches, muscle releases, and joint mobilizations following the kinetic chain that promote alignment and stability. Performing these releases in sequence stimulates the nervous system in a profound way; Allowing for lasting change in the body.


    CTR is performed secondary to KCR and releases specific connective tissue conjunctions in the body. It’s can be extremely effective for relieving chronic pain and discomfort.
    Postural Energetics is a powerful form of standing meditation that helps guide you back to the art of self healing as you learn how to reconnect to your body.

    Watch KCR video here: https://youtu.be/pYPBGi4VnFA

    Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

    60 min $100, 90 minutes $150, 120 minutes $200

    Deep Tissue, Therapeutic massage helps address pain related to muscle tension, trigger points and postural issues. Caused by tight over worked/stressed muscles and or repetitive body ergonomics. All sessions are tailored to meet our clients specific needs.


    This form of massage is most helpful for :

    Frozen shoulders Stiff NeckInflammation

    Low back pain Whiplash Aching Joints

    Recovering from surgery Sports injuries

    Breaking up the scar tissue Athletes all levels to prevent injury

    Those with physically demanding jobs, from Nurses to Construction workers, Tattoo Artists and Retail employees

    Enhancements and Special Services


    Crystal healing $ 35

    Sound Bath $ 45

    Percussion Massage $ 10 30

    Aromatherapy $ 15 25

    Warm Himalayan Salt Stones $ 35

    CBD $ 10 20

    Cupping $ 10 20 45

    Magnesium Recovery Cream $ 10 20


    Enhancements are added at the therapists professional discretion. All services are uniquely tailored to give our clients the optimal experience and pain relief.


    Thai Massage

    90 minutes $180, 120 minutes $220

    Thai Massage is an ancient form of medicine still practiced today in Thailand and all over the world. It's tradition is heavily focused on compassion for all living beings and so is the therapist. It works on both the physical and energetic body, addressing issues of flexibility, stability, and stagnation. It helps improves mobility of the joints and tonus of muscles, bringing the body back to a state of balance and homeostasis. Thai massage feels like someone else is putting you through yoga while massaging you at the same time. It leaves your body feeling lighter and more open. Thai massage is considered energy work , and is done while the client focuses on their breathing, allowing the therapist to work easily and deeply into tired and tight muscles. This form of massage is excellent for athletes looking to improve flexibility, those having issues with joint mobility, anyone who needs to stretch but is having trouble doing it on their own and anyone who is looking for a unique and meditative form of massage/bodywork.


    Clinical studies done on the benefits of Thai massage show that it improves joint mobility, flexibility ,muscle tone, bone density and is beneficial for persons with RA.



    1 on 1 or Group sessions prices apoun request

    Readings,Feather Medicine, Sound/Crystal/Reiki Healing Workshops, that can be held for friends and family in the comfort and openness of your own home.


    Contact your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Loved ones or Angel Guides. Get Answers to questions you have about your journey.


    Breathe Work Coaching/ Workshop using the Wim Hoff Method w/ Ben Applegate


    Reiki Training is available for all Levels 1 through Master Teacher. Learn Reiki over video chat, one-on-one or in a small classroom setting. Whether you decide to use your training for friends and family or just as part of your own Spiritual Healing Journey, Reiki training is a positive and life changing experience, that expands your perception of energy and the world around you, opening you up to love, compassion and deeper sense self-awareness.

  • Practitioners


    Empath, Psychic Medium, LMT, KCR, Reiki Master Teacher, Thai Massage Teacher, Ordained Priestess, Shaman


    " When given the opportunity to express what you are most passionate about, is when your light shines the Brightest."

    Everyone wants to feel good in their bodies, that way they can thrive in their lives. Your health and wellness effects all aspects of your life and everyone around you. When I decided to heal myself and do what made me happy, I found that it was truly in helping others. There is so much research that supports the fact the we can heal ourselves, but we need someone else to support that notion, to be present with us and help solidify that space, literally creating an energetic field that benefits us on not only a physiological level but also on an emotional one. As a bodyworker I focus on structural imbalances and work with my clients to resolve issues causing pain and limiting mobility. As an energy-worker I focus on clearing away the emotional debris caused by traumas and everyday life. I want my clients to move forward freely experiencing a sense of peace and joyfulness in their lives.




    LMT, KCR, Sports Massage, Reiki level 2 practitioner, Martial Artist

    "Body and mind are intrinsically connected, in balance we thrive."


    I primarily focus on deep tissue therapeutic work incorporating releases and stretching to reshape the soft tissues of the body toward optimal health and mobility.

    I grew up watching my father run his chiropractic practice knowing that I too wanted to heal people with my hands for a living.

    I am a martial Artist of 15 years in Tang Soo Do and am learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
    My experiences allow for me to approach my work with an athletic and rehabilitative perspective.

    When you are on my table I view it as my responsibility to help you to wellness.

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